Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'no living thing should smell like that'

Worlds apart we are! But Krampus and I are destroyers of worlds and probably still wear similar outfits every day unknowingly!

Our bond was sanctioned on a cardboard cut-out of the 4 hobbits with a boiling mix of blood, bangs, embarrassing Hot Topic items that everyone at some point owned in the 8th grade, and the sweet sound of Africa by Toto.
Krampus and I were like hungry falcons during the years of the failed musical collaboration. I had no talents in singing or instrument playing- plus no knowledge of power/ death metal. We obviously never really tried to make the band happen, but instead focused our attention on ridiculous stories and hilarious- if only to us- escapades/ making fun of every creature that walked by us. We were like Samwise and Frodo, except with no real direction or mission and no lembas bread. We were not like Sam and Frodo, but were very much like Hermonie and Cho Chang, if they had been roommates and/or friends.

But now I ride the bus all day and live vicariously through Krampus's adventures, despite me living in NY and her living in a rice-paddy field.

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